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Make my bookmarks appear on every tab



  • Miriam De Stefano
    I don't like this change.
    I found it particularly helpful that the bookmarks were distributed throughout the screen, in different colors, in a personalized arrangement. It was just convenient and a great offer.
    Too bad that they are now all gray, on the edge of the screen, only to be seen as a list, that needs to be scrolled.
    Not handy :/
  • Damokles

    I agree! It was perfect how you could design your own frontpage, where you had everything on one screen and quick links to every site you need. Now it's just a wallpaper, pls bring back the grid! :(

  • Oliver Bradley

    Second that! The personalized bookmark menu was the best! Not it's so hard to find anything, when they're all at the left and the same color on a crappy drop down menu. If I wanted a better drop down favorites menu, I'd use my browser one.

  • Kate

    Also don't like this change. The bookmarks were organised, in different colours and made it really easy to organise (I had bookmarks for work and bookmarks for home). Now it's harder to sift through than normal browser bookmarks.

  • CJ Carpenter

    I also don't like this change. The new design looks nice, but there wasn't a reason to get rid of the option to personalize the new tab page.

  • Alex

    For those interested in why we made the bookmark change and how we are improving them, we have information in this blog post:

    We will work hard to make the new system better, thanks for your patience! 

  • Evangeline Mantler

    Yeah, same as the other commenters, I am really missing the old bookmark system. It was a great feature, which is one of the two main reasons I used Tab in the first place. It is also the feature I would promote to friends as to why they would want to start using Tab.

  • Oliver Bradley

    I hope you guys are still working on improving the bookmarks, cause the new additions just feel like a halfway compromise that doesn't do enough. There's so much space on each page, why don't you let us use it as we wish?

  • jimster posts since 5yrs ago.
    Anyways, I really wish there are bookmarks for the new charities pages(Tab For Cats, at least) instead of changing it back to classic. This legit needs to be done. What is going with this company? I feel like since their making so much money, they barely care anymore for all the people that is supporting this company and rather very very slow changes. I'm no engineer or whatever but I very feel like these changes shouldn't be long at all. If they make this change, surely they would have their revenue increased without a doubt and the popularity of this extension would most definitely blow up off the roofs of their company facility. 
    How perfect If it were just like this?:(lmao I did this on paint, don't judge me😂🤦‍♂️)



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