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How does Tab for a Cause raise money for charity?



  • Zafirah Nur Afifah

    Awesome! Keep it up!

  • Nikkei

    in 2018 you indeed never gave more than 30%, what is your plan to improve that beside working to get a larger user base?

  • Michael Hansen

    Misleading.  I have looked at your financial statements.  All of the statements that give a breakdown(2018+) list the charitable contribution between 30% and a high of 31%.  It is misleading to state a historical 90% donation rate.

  • Riedler

    Can you show the total amount of hearts and/or money an organisation received through Tab for a Cause on the donation page please? I'm curious what organisations other people choose.

  • Laurence Ike

    What? Why isn't 100% of the money going to charity?

  • William Samuel

    I can understand that, but I don't understand how money is raised, I have used it for a while, first with one cause and then another. I have never seen an ad, so I don't see how they are getting money.


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