How does Tab for a Cause raise money for charity?

There are a couple banner advertisements in the corner each time you open a New Tab. We get paid for these advertisements, and then give all the profits to charities that partner with us. Tab for a Cause is free to use and always will be.

No matter what our costs are, we give at least 30% of our revenue to charity. Historically we’ve given upwards of 90%. We use the rest of the revenue for two purposes: (1) to cover costs, which include hosting/server costs and food for our team; and (2) to reinvest in getting more Tabbers so that we can give more to charity in the long term.

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    Zafirah Nur Afifah

    Awesome! Keep it up!

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    in 2018 you indeed never gave more than 30%, what is your plan to improve that beside working to get a larger user base?

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