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What happens when I donate my Hearts?



  • Dillon Bell

    I am curious what is the relevancy of donating hearts during the "It's time for toilets for all" event or other similar events. If the point of hearts is to determine where the money that is raised is sent is the purpose of the 4 million heart goal to make the amount of hearts the charity for the promoted event receives is so disproportionate to the hearts the other charities receive that it is sure to have the majority? If that's the case and all the event is doing is promoting one charity over others which feels disingenuous to the point of the website to have a say in choosing what charity the money goes towards when you are promoting one over the others. I probably would have donated a significant amount if not all of my hearts to either way, but it's just a thought.

  • Stephen De Vita

    @Dillon Bell I think that the point of it is for you to generate more hearts personally. In order to give hearts, you have to generate them by opening more tabs. This generates more revenue for Tab for a Cause and therefore makes more money for charity.

    It's not so much of "this charity is better than the others" as "If you care about this cause, generate more money via ads and we both benefit."


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