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I can't earn any more hearts!



  • BubiDebeliot

    Why does opening a lot of tabs at once hinder the amount of money you make?

  • Kastrel

    Is it now 250 tabs per day?

  • Logix

    Because advertisers pay money to display those ads just to be viewed, then more to be clicked on..

    If you just refresh a tab multiple times over multiple tabs it means you aren't seeing those ads effectively. So the advertisers are basically wasting money. And they don't like that. ;P

  • Ishan Goel

    But what if i open a new tab and then close it very fast like every four seconds for 8 hours will that help them raise more money?

    I did that using applescript you seeee

  • CrimsonBunny

    You don't even need to use programming. You just need to add an extension that refresh the page every set amount of seconds. I used "Auto Refresh" for chrome. Seems like the max amount of hearts depends on the level.


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