I can't earn any more hearts!

Most likely you aren't earning any more hearts because you have earned the max number for one day (100). We put that limit up to prevent people from just refreshing their tab page continually, which actually hinders the amount we can make for charity due to the problems it causes with our advertisers!

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    Why does opening a lot of tabs at once hinder the amount of money you make?

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    Is it now 250 tabs per day?

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    Because advertisers pay money to display those ads just to be viewed, then more to be clicked on..

    If you just refresh a tab multiple times over multiple tabs it means you aren't seeing those ads effectively. So the advertisers are basically wasting money. And they don't like that. ;P

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    Ishan Goel

    But what if i open a new tab and then close it very fast like every four seconds for 8 hours will that help them raise more money?

    I did that using applescript you seeee

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