Are you going to add new charities?

Right now we are not adding any additional charities to our list. In the future we may do so and if we do it will be with the same guidelines that we used to pick our initial list--charities that our tabbers are passionate about and that do an exceptional job of turning donations into positive impact.

One way you can show support for the charities not listed on the site is by joining their group (or creating one for them if they haven't yet). When we add new charities, we will likely lean on groups to figure out which charities our tabbers would most like to add! 

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    Please see the comments on "How do you pick the charities you support?" for suggestions. The conversation is completely on this topic

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    Kel McNamara

    This is a bit sad as the charities you donate to are not doing an "exceptional job of turning donations into positive impact." This is according to charity evaluation at The charities you recommend do not even make it into the 100 most effective charities. I find it difficult continuing to support charities I don't believe in according to this data.  :( 

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    Cat Jones

    Do you realize that charities that make under $1mil are not rated on charity rating sites? I work for a charity that makes less than $500,000 but every single penny goes where the donor expects. We have no mailing campaigns, merch, or other overhead. I'm the only paid employee, and I'm just an office manager making $15/hour for less than a 40-hour week. My wages are paid by donations made specifically to cover office expenses, so if we don't get donations for that, I don't get paid. Our board is completely unpaid.

    We can't get rated because we're "too small," but we have a bigger impact than a lot of the bigger charities. It's upsetting that you only trust these charity rating sites, which allow people to pay for higher ratings.

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    Kelsey Wheeler

    As someone who also works for a small nonprofit, I agree with Cat Jones. However, I truly do love the idea of Tab for a Cause. I am certain as this idea grows and flourishes the number of charities individuals can choose to support will grow as well. I am glad to find another small easy way I can support good works on my tight budget. Thank you for providing this opportunity!

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