How do I report an unblocked ad?

The Goodblock adblocker aims to block all ads from the websites you visit, but sometimes you'll still see an unwanted ad.

First, make sure Goodblock is installed and running by going to the extensions page in your browser.

Second, make sure the website you're visiting isn't whitelisted, because Goodblock will not block anything on whitelisted sites. Click on the Goodblock icon in your browser bar and ensure "Ad blocking for this site is: ON". If it's OFF, click the OFF button to turn it back on and refresh the page.

If Goodblock is running in the page you're viewing, the problem is likely with the filter lists it uses to detect ads. Filter lists are lists of known ads and advertisers generously maintained by the open source community. Goodblock relies on these lists to know what's an ad and what isn't.

Goodblock uses a default set of filter lists. To see what filter lists you're using:

  1. Click on the Goodblock icon in your browser bar
  2. Click the gear icon to view the settings page
  3. Click "3rd-party filters"

Filter lists are generally specific to one language or region, so you may need to enable new filter lists or tweak the default settings. For example, you might want to enable "EasyList Germany‎" if you're commonly visiting German news sites.

Goodblock uses EasyList by default, which blocks ads on most English websites. If you're on an English website and still see an ad with EasyList, you can report the ads in the EasyList forum.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can also create a custom filter to block or whitelist specific domains or elements. On the Goodblock settings page, click the "My filters" tab. Here, you can enter any filter using the Adblock Plus filter syntax. Your custom filters will take effect immediately after you save them.

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