Is Goodblock an effective chrome pop up blocker extension?

Absolutely! Goodblock blocks all kinds of ads, from pop ups to YouTube ads and everything in between. We think that there is no better adblocker out there to handle a wide variety of ad formats. If you see something that isn't blocked, just let us know and we will work on it for the future. 

Obviously there are some ads that won't be blocked by any adbocker (including Adblock Plus, uBlock, and Adblock). These include native ads (like some "promoted posts") and a few other ad formats.

While we understand the need to support content on the web, we feel it should be done by allowing users to control when they see an ad and what that ad looks like. Native ads and other ads within content cheapen the experience and ruin the credibility of the rest of the publisher's content. That's the environment we've created on Goodblock with the beautiful daily ad for charity, and we look forward to working with publishers to bring that kind of ad experience to all aspects of the web. 

You can read more about our vision here

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