What’s with Tad the butterfly and why should I support these sites?

Content creators depend on ads to keep the lights on, but these ads shouldn’t compromise your online experience. Publishers have partnered with Gladly to bring users a better ad experience.

Banner ads are everywhere, generally annoyed and largely ignored; as a result, they provide almost no value to you or advertisers paying for them. Gladly changes that by giving users control over their ad experience: you choose when you see ads, where the ad revenue goes, and what those ads are about.

Gladly offers Internet users a way to support their favorite websites by giving them a choice to see high-quality, curated ad. These ads are better than the typical online ads you see because Gladly ads are nonintrusive, engaging, and don’t track your online behavior. And since Gladly ads have been handpicked by the team, you can expect them to be full of fun, resource and wit. If you want more personalized ads, just tell us what interests you.

You can read the Gladly manifesto to learn more on how Gladly is changing online advertising.

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