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Is there an Opera extension for Tab for a Cause?



  • Matthias

    Would it be possible to instead make it so that when you open/search a site it shows an ad? This should work since all Opera browsers use other engines like Google. I unfortunately want to support this but can't since I'm on Opera and don't want to miss a chance to donate to a charity for free.

  • Kevin

    @Matthias -- We're working on Search for a Cause (still in beta), which is a way to raise money by searching the web. No Opera extension yet, but stay tuned!

  • Matthias

    I also found out that by setting your start-up page to the website, it uses the website instead of a new tab, however opening more tabs won't, only when it gets launched.

  • Sam de Mel

    I really wanted to open new tabs on Tabs for a Cause so to get around the limitation Opera has placed on specifying the URL of new tabs I tried a few different Chrome extensions which allow for custom URLs for new tabs (having previously installed the Opera extension that allows for installing Chrome extensions).

    The first couple didn't work but I finally found one that did - New Tab Start Page

    It was really easy to add the Tabs for a Cause URL and now all tabs open to that page.

    The extension has a few other great features as well, like specifying where a new tab opens (eg to the right of the current one or at the end), privacy features like disabling referral pings when searching on Google, optimising YouTube videos and a bunch more, so it's enabled me to delete some other extensions that each performed some of the things this one does. It also worked in Vivaldi and MS Edge (and obviously Google Chrome).

    Hope that helps.


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